Pruning and felling

Specialist and expert in pruning since 2011, we have a highly qualified team that operates throughout the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and its peninsula. Green Project provides its customers with specific material and technical resources, guaranteeing safety and performance: nacelles, shredders and pruning cranes for large trees (over 20 meters tall). We are able to intervene in the most difficult places by securing our employees, our customers and their homes. We also intervene in the size of your trees in adequacy with the species and the season.

  • soft waist
  • Reduction size on sap pump
  • Reduction size on extension
  • Tadpole pruning or pruning
  • Maintenance pruning on cat’s head
  • Selection size
  • Sanitary size
  • Topping
  • Rescue size
  • Fruiting size